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Neckties – Tips on Tying a good Knot!

A great looking necktie is the quintessential finishing touch for your custom suit. In this article, we will expound on how to tie your necktie – from a simple knot to a Windsor or four-in-hand knot.

La Rukico tailor’s advise you on following key points when it comes to your necktie.

– The right length of your tie should fall just above the level of your belt – basically the end point of your tie should fall above the level of your belt.

– For a young modern hip contemporary look, we recommend narrow ties which are ideally about 6 cm wide.

– The width of your lapels should be proportionally in harmony with the width of your tie. Wide lapels calls for a wide tie, narrow lapels a narrow tie.

– A necktie is a way to show the world your unique style and personality. A tie is a great accessory and by varying your color choices and patterns, you make a powerful statement. We always recommend to be daring in your choice of colors and patterns.

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