Custom Tailoring FAQ

Our custom taloring store is located in Manhattan, New York at 152 East 48th Street, New York, NY 10017. You can visit our website https://www.tailor.com to book an appointment or call us on +1-212-832-0725 to book an appointment.
People who opt for bespoke clothing want only the best for themselves. We are 5 STAR rated custom tailors in NYC with more than 40 years of experience in crafting custom suits, dress shirts, Tuxedos, Overcoats and more. We take pride in crafting perfect fitting custom suits at the most affordable prices in NYC. We use the best of fabrics and still our suits are very affordable due to our streamlined sourcing of fabrics from brands across the world. You should choose La Rukico custom tailors if you want the best custom suits for yourself at most affordable prices.
We take pride in crafting some of the best custom suits in the world. We only create full bespoke suits with full canvas construction. The magic to create a perfect fitting suits lies in taking proper measurements. Our tailors ensure 35+ measurements for each suit we create. The measurements are stored in our tailor management system and accessible from all locations. A unique canvas pattern is created based on your measurements. These measurements along with the expertise of our custom tailors help us create a perfect fitting suit for you.
With years of experience in custom tailoring and fabric sourcing, we have well established relationships with fabric companies. We are able to procure the best of fabrics at the most affordable prices. We pass on the benefit to our customers. We take pride in saying that we provide the best custom fitted suits in New York at the most affordable prices.
Your custom suit should get delivered to your doorstep in 3-4 weeks time of your initial order. You can collect the suit from our tailor store in NYC or it can be home delivered to your location. A rush service of 2 weeks is also available. Tuxedoes and dress shirt do take similar time as well.
Our suit making process is streamlined to get you a perfect fitting suit every time. A bespoke suit is supposed to fit you well with minimal alteration. In general, 90% of our customers do not need any alterations to the custom suit delivered to them. However, for any reason you aren't happy with you suit, we either re-cut or refund.
Custom suits are very different from off-the-rack suits. Once you wear a custom crafted suit, you'd surely never opt for a ready made one. Preferring an experienced tailor, getting yourself measured right and choosing the right fabric is important. We'd be happy to guide you with the entire process and ensure you take the right decisions.
Yes. First time suit buyers can take an additional $100 off. There are hundreds of fabrics to choose that range from affordable to premium price. Select the best that suits your personality and budget. 
Normally it takes 4-5 weeks for your garment to get delivered. However, if you are in a rush, we do offer a 2 week rush service as well.
We use fabrics from premium international fabric brands like Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland and Sherry and more. Luxury fabrics 100% cashmeres or super 200’s from England. Microfibre fabrics which do not wrinkle and give a flawless fit. Premium linen. For dress shirts we prefer premium Swiss cotton fabrics from Alumo, Thomas Mason and more. You'd have thousands of fabrics to choose from. We do not use cheap Asian fabrics.
Yes. You can visit our tailor store or call us at your location in New York to take your measurements for your hand-crafted custom suits. Provide us with the contact information and address for your bespoke suits to be delivered to your home location. As a matter of fact, we do have several customers not only across the United States but across the world who prefer to wear garments tailored by La Rukico.
We ensure that all our clients are satisfied at the first trial itself. More than 90% of new clients do not require any additional fittings or alterations upon the arrival. We provide a perfect fit guarantee with our custom clothing and if you are not satisfied with your garment even after two alterations, we either re-cut or refund.
Yes, We understand that your time and comfort is important and we'd be happy to work around your schedule. Also, once your measurements are taken, we do store them in our tailor system. You can choose the fabrics from the comfort of your home and your suits and shirts can be tailored and deliverd to your location. You may also choose to visit our tailor store in Manhattan, New York for a better suit buying experience.
You do not need to remove your clothes to get yourself measured. We do take extensive measurements which help us deliver perfect fitting clothing. You can allow us to take a few photos of yourself. This would help our tailors get a better idea of your body shape which may result in a better fit.
Yes. We offer basted-fitting where you can elect the minor changes to the suit as per your requirements. We also offer free style guidance when you visit our showroom. Once we take a client’s measurements, we prepare a pattern from the garment they select. We then carefully hand cut, assemble and temporarily hand stitch with white basting thread. At this point, a basted-fitting garment is ready for a pre-trial.  Your garment is just assembled with a thread as this point – so it allows us to make changes as per your liking. Basted fittings are a great way to ensure you check the suit before its completely finished and make minor adjustemens – be it in the sleeve size or the collars or anything else.
Definitely. Our extensive measurement process complemented with our experienced tailors can re-create a similar designed suit for you in terms of design and fit. In addition to your own measurements, we take several other measurements that make it easy for us to deliver the best fit to your individual style, personality and budget. We do recommend you to selected a similar fabric for your new suit so the fit and fall comes out to be similar.
Your custom suit is made from world class fabrics which last long. If you loose or gain a few pounds of weight, we would be able to alter your suit for you no extra charge.. In fact, you custom suit comes with life time of free alterations. We treat our clients as our extended family and we are proud to say that many of them are our customers over tens of years.
Yes, we can create a suit or shirt for you if you bring in your own fabric. The entire process remains the same. It may be that we'd need a couple of weeks extra to create a suit as the fabric needs to be washed and processed. We carry world famous brands like Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zenga, Loro Piana, Holland and Sherry, Alumo, and many more. We do not use cheap Asian fabrics.
We have more than 40 years of experience in custom tailoring. We do offer free style guidance to our customers helping you make the right fabric selection. We'd guide you with proven fabrics which generally do not go wrong for your first custom suit. We generally have many completed garments available at our store representing the fabrics we offer. Our expertise might even lead  you to choose the best fabric you never would have considered before. You will get the best experience of trial and garments once you visit La Rukico. 
All styling designs are included in the price of the garment. Buttonholes, pick stitching, lining, extra pockets, slanted pockets, double breasted, crotch lining, and more, everything is included with the price of the garment.  If you do need a vest or a extra trouser, it might cost extra though.
Your garments are made from some of the finest fabrics in the world. As with all good things, your suits do require proper care. Bespoke suits and shirts should be dry cleaned only if they are visibly dirty. Dry cleaning is one of the worst enemy of your suits. The intense heat and chemicals used during the dry cleaning process is harmful for your garments. Often dry-cleaning may harm the fibres of your suit and damage them. Use a hand-held steamer and hang it on the door during a hot morning shower to remove the crease. Suits and shirts can be laundered using warm water and hand pressed. If you spill something on your suit, immediately dab it with warm water. Do not press more to avoid the stain from getting into the fibres. If required take it to a dry cleaner who uses natural cleaning agents.
Yes. Premium tailored suits for Women which give a flawless fit and last a life time. Jackets, Top coat and business wear available for women as well.
Custom tailoring is all about crafting clothing which define your personality. You design and decide all aspects of the garment you wear. For your custom dress shirt, you can choose the fabric you want. You can define the type of collar you want, whether you want it detachable or attached to the shirt. Length of sleeves, pocket or no pocket, type of cuffs, type of buttons and more. You can get your shirt monogrammed as per your preference as well. We'd help you make the right choices with our years of experience.
You'd be wearing your shirt for the entire day and its important that the shirt is comfortable, breathable, fits well and makes you feel at your best. We carry the finest Swiss cotton fabrics form Alumo and Thomas Mason. There are hundreds of fabrics to choose from.
There are monthly special offers available at our tailor store. Please contact Mr. Kelly for this month's special offer on custom suits and shirts.