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Pocket Squares and Custom Suits | How to wear?

Pocket Squares Historical Treatise:

The origin of the pocket square was first noted in Antiquity, used as a white linen handkerchief by the Greeks and Egyptians. In the 14th century, The French noblemen would use it to mask odors…tsk tsk :). The widespread acceptance of the pocket square happened in Western Europe in 18th century.

The initial placement of pocket square was actually in trouser pocket but that changed as 2 piece suits became the norm in 19th century. Come the 20th century, pocket squares cemented their place as a bona fide fashion accessory, embellishing the custom suit with contrasting colors and designs. Pocket squares are making a comeback with the return of Dandy styling but with a modern, offbeat contemporary image. Pocket squares now have evolved into a wealth of fabrics, colors, patterns choices made of silk, linen cotton or wool to provide striking contrast options in augmenting your custom suit.

Some tips on how to wear pocket squares?

1. With a light-coloured suit, choose dark shade or bright colors and conversely, with a dark suit, a light-colored pocket square will provide a good contrast.
2. Be bold, be creative and have fun with fabrics, folds and colors!
3. Never wear a matching tie and pocket square

Write to us on how you wear your pocket square

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