Custom Sports Jacket & Mens Blazer

Custom Sports Coat & Mens Blazers in New York City

Custom Sports Jacket & Men's Blazer
Custom Sports Coat

Custom Sports Coat & Blazers in NYC

La Rukico makes the finest custom suits, and also custom tailors handmade sports coat (or sports jackets) and Mens blazers in NYC to add versatility to your wardrobe.

The terms ‘blazer’ and ‘sport coat’ are often used interchangeably. Neither style forms part of a suit and, because of this, they are considered less formal than suit jackets. But while both are intended to be worn with unmatching trousers, they have distinct, fascinating historical origins. They were initially worn as uniforms and sport coats served as rugged, outdoor wear.

Today, sport coats add a casual touch to your wardrobe.  We use fascinating premium fabrics from The House of Dormeuil and Loro Piana, known for their fabric quality and contemporary designs.

The custom sports jacket process at La Rukico

The custom sports jacket process at La Rukico

Your experience starts with scheduling an appointment with our custom bespoke tailor in our showroom in Manhattan.

1. Fabric Selection & Measurements:

Our expert tailors will help you with style choices in designing a fit unique to you, and also help in selecting fabrics from our library of high quality sports coat designs from Dormeuil’s Amadeus jacketing or Holland and Sherry.

Typically, our experts will also help coordinate your fabric selection for trousers, as these two garments complement each other.  Our custom measurement process by our bespoke tailors includes 35 different measurements to ensure a magical fit. 

2. Bespoke tailoring:

Once the measurements have been taken and the fabric and style finalized, the final garment is handmade by our expert bespoke tailors and you will be called in for fitting in our family owned shop in Manhattan. We take great pride in making sure the first time fit is perfect to the tee, a testament to our detailed measurement process and expert craftsmanship in addressing fine nuances and attention to detail.

As with all custom clothing, all sports coat or blazers are handcrafted from a single canvas construction with individualized patterns created specific to sports coats which are distinct from custom suits as sports coats differ in their style and fit.

3. Personalization:

All of these measurements and patterns for each customer are stored in our database for future orders. Like all of our custom made garments, La Rukico’s custom sports jacket and blazers are tailored to your exact measurements, with our craftsmanship creating a flawless fit.

Mens Blazer historical origins

Blazers trace their origin back to 1825. The uniform of Cambridge University’s rowing team (a fitted double-breasted jacket), was named a “blazer” after its bright red color. Cut more casually than traditional suit jackets, these jackets allowed sportsmen to exert themselves easily while maintaining a sartorial dignity befitting “gentlemen’s sports.” The “blazer” style was quickly adopted as a uniform by sport’s teams, schools, and military units throughout Great Britain.

Generally, blazers are made of fabric in one, solid color. They traditionally feature metal buttons, brass or silver, adorned by crests or other symbols. These buttons were initially intended to reflect its “nautical” roots.  La Rukico proudly offers as wide range of Benson & Clegg designer buttons.

Sports Coat historical origins

As the name suggests, sports coat were originally used as casual attire for hunting and riding, activities during which a heavier, durable fabric was desired. Corduroy, suede, and tweed are common materials for the construction of custom sports coat. La Rukico fabric selection includes high quality fabrics from Dormeuil, offering over 300 different designs specific to custom sports coat.

Many sport coats still feature leather shoulder pads, a remnant of the past meant to protect the coat from a shotgun’s kickback. Traditionally designed custom sports coat appear more formal than most, and are usually made of lighter fabrics

Custom Sports Coat Fabric Regular Custom Sports Coat Price La Rukico Custom Sports Coat Price

Dormeuil sports coat

$995 - 1495
$895 - 1195

Holland & Sherry sports coat

$995 - 1495
$895 - 1195

Mens Blazers Dormeuil I Holland & Sherry I Loro Piana I Ermenegildo Zegna

$995 - 1495
$895 - 1195

Benson and Clegg blazer buttons

$149 - 179
$99 - 139

Holland and Sherry blazer buttons

$149 - 179
$99 - 139

Our Promise

We promise incredible craftsmanship in our handmade custom suits in NYC. FREE Alterations for one year. Our bespoke tailors will work with you every step of the process.

Our Fit Guarantee

Expect to get finest custom made suits in NYC at La Rukico Custom Tailors. We Guarantee a perfect fitting custom suit. If you are not satisfied, we will recut or remake.

Pricing & Delivery

Custom Suits at La Rukico are most affordable in NYC without compromise in quality or fit. We guarantee finest quality custom suits ready in 3-4 weeks time. We can work around your time schedule in care of a rush delivery requirement