Clothing Alterations NYC

Alteration Services at La Rukico Bespoke Tailors
Clothing Alterations

Get your clothing altered from the best tailors in NYC

La Rukico tailors has onsite  tailors at their tailor store in Manhattan, New York City, offering custom alteration services to clients needing help mending any article of clothing.

Our alteration services are gender neutral and are for men, women and boys garments. While we are primarily known for creating the finest bespoke custom suits and clothing in NYC, we are mindful of the need of alteration services which can arise from time to time.

Our tailors can shorten or lengthen hems – cuffs – sleeves, repair or replace broken zippers, mend inner linings, expand your waistline and more.

We take great pride in our custom fit and will alter any garment so that it fits perfectly.

Walk-ins are welcome at our tailor store in NYC!