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Custom Suits for women, NYC's Premier Bespoke Tailor

Art & Science of Measurements

Since 1972, our bespoke tailors have perfected the art and science of measurements in creating the finest handmade custom suits for both men and women.  Each women's custom suit is created with her preferences and style, culminating in a perfect flattering fit. 

The Women's Custom Suit Process at La Rukico

The craftsmanship of women's custom suit process is complemented with encyclopedic knowledge of womenswear fashion by our bespoke tailors, who help you on design choices, fabric selection, and custom measurements.  We have great pride in the bespoke quality and craftsmanship of our custom suits, and in our affordable pricing.  We work closely with you on all your special occasions - Weddings, Proms, Business attire. 

1. Custom Measurements: 

The women's custom suit experience begins with a visit to our Manhattan showroom.  A comprehensive measuring process of over 35 measurements capturing your body contours from the slope of your shoulder, back arch etc. is undertaken by our bespoke artist. Your example custom measurements include width of shoulders and lapels to how loose or tight suit needs to be in the chest and down to sleeve length and hemline.

2. Fabric Selection: 

We will help you select fabrics befitting the occasion from our selection of leading brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil.  Wome's custom suits can range from pure cotton to pure wool, linen, flannel, mix of wool and silk and more and come in various designs and colors.

3. Construction & Fit: Your measurements and fabrics are sent to our skilled bespoke tailors where unique patterns and a time tested bespoke tailoring process ensures a flawless custom fit.  

All of our custom suits are handmade with full canvas construction using no glue or any other synthetics. The final garment is returned to our showroom for fitting trials. Our in-house tailors will make any necessary tweaks or alterations if needed to your satisfaction. Each bespoke tailored garment is designed with a quality benchmark of no less than 20 years of longevity.

4. Delivery times: Generally speaking, an average women's custom suit takes 3-4 weeks to complete but we will work around your pressing schedules.

5. Personalization: All of your custom measurements are captured in our database for future orders, to make your second custom suit a breeze.   

Finer Details of custom suits and La Rukico difference:  

-  Style: Your preference and design trends drive the custom suit style pick best suited for the occasion. 

- Garment construction: Our in-house construction enables a great degree of quality control and attention to small details. There is no puckering or bubbles in the fabric and shoulder pads are a right blend of strength and softness to give you a clean comfortable feel. 

 - Custom Wedding Suits: For wedding custom suits, we request you give us minimum 4 weeks time because this is the most important day of your life and we don't want to hurry. We will however work around your time schedule.

- Other Ensemble: In conjunction with your custom suit, your entire ensemble of dress shirts, trousers and other accessories are custom tailored with premium fabrics.

Custom Suit FabricRegular Custom Made Suit Price La Rukico Custom Made Suit Price
Dormeuil Amadeus 10 oz $1695$995
Dormeuil 15.8 Micron $1695 $1195
Holland & Sherry 15 micron 6.5 oz with AquArret(r) $2495$1195
Loro Piana Super 160s 15.5 micron$2895$1195
Loro Piana Super 170s 15 micron $2995$1295
Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo(r) 2.Zero $2495$1195
Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo(r) 600 (88% wool; 12% silk) Tuxedo $2495$1295
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