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Loro Piana takes an oldest fiber to an unprecedented level of rich luxurious fineness. The wool has a long journey, from the shearing of sheep in the idyllic lands of Newzealand and Australia with select breeders and exclusive craftsmanship forming what Loro Piana is known to its clients worldwide.

La Rukico January Custom Suit Special:

Loro Piana 15 micron custom suit : $995 (Was $1995)

Call us at 212 832 0725 or email us at tailor@tailor.com to schedule an appointment. We will walk you through the luxurious Loro Piana fabric selection. Custom suit special is for a 15 micron suit fabric and is for a limited time.

loro Piana Tasmanian®

In Italian, Tasmanian® is a synonym of "light wool fabric". This worsted fabric is made par excellence using the finest merino wools from the island of Tasmania, south of Australia. Tasmanian® was a response to the need of growing new and modern clothing which is light, versatile, crease resistant and crease proof and is well suited for air conditioned offices and environments. The lightness of this fabric is characterized by its weight of 250 grams / per meter of fabric and is available in both its summer and winter versions. Tasmanian® has become the symbol of elegant dressing year around.

Loro Piana Zenit®

Zenit® is a collection of refined, exclusive fabrics known for their superlative quality wools (Super 200's), to create your complete wardrobe of custom suits, custom sportscoats, custom jackets and blazers with unique textures and visual finishes.

Using the finest Super 200’s Merino wools of 13.5 micron fineness, Zenit® is available in very limited quantities. Superior cashmere is further enhanced with a refined “zibeline” finish, to address softness and distinctive sheen. Zenit® is the quintessential fabric for the bespoke | made to measure world, designed for customers who appreciate unique, timeless garments.