Custom Vests

Custom Made Vests for Mens Formal Wear

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Custom Made Vests for Mens Formal Wear

Defining Your Custom Suit or Tuxedo

A vests or waistcoat defines the look of your suit or tuxedo in a powerful way. We at La Rukico, take great care in the precision tailoring of vests, cut from the same matching or a different contrasting premium fabric as your custom suit or tuxedo.  The making of a custom vest goes through the same rigor as other garments with choices ranging from inner linings, lapels, flap or welt pockets and more.  All our vests are handmade and bespoke tailored. 

Custom Vests or Waistcoats for Men's Formal Wear

Do you desire a classic luxury look for formal events like weddings and other formal occasions.  Some weddings will have grromsmen in waistcoats without a jacket, some tuxedos go without a collar and is paired with a waistcoat to achieve the desired formal wear look. La Rukico expert bespoke tailors will work with you on fabrics and options befitting your style and occasion.

Finer Details of Custom Made Vests or Waistcoats at La Rukico

Custom Vests or waistcoats are bespoke tailored at La Rukico with the same rigor as custom suits or tuxedo. The finer details of custom vests are in its length so as not to make the tie or shirt visible, and should be seen even if you have buttoned your jacket. These two things define and add an extra classic and versatile oomph to your custom suit or tuxedo.  We will work with you in all your formal events and befitting formal wear.

Our Promise

We promise incredible craftsmanship in our handmade custom suits in NYC. FREE Alterations for one year. Our bespoke tailors will work with you every step of the process.

Our Fit Guarantee

Expect to get finest custom made suits in NYC at La Rukico Custom Tailors. We Guarantee a perfect fitting custom suit. If you are not satisfied, we will recut or remake.

Pricing & Delivery

Custom Suits at La Rukico are most affordable in NYC without compromise in quality or fit. We guarantee finest quality custom suits ready in 3-4 weeks time. We can work around your time schedule in care of a rush delivery requirement