• La Rukico, custom tailor NYC pursues fine traditions of bespoke craftsmanship with full canvas handmade construction of custom suit.  Our clients are our brand ambassadors, a testament to our craftsmanship & service. 

  • We are known for our flawless fit in custom suit & clothes. Our unique measurements, patterns & handmade manufacturing allows our bespoke tailor NYC to address each small nuance in producing finest custom suit | custom shirt in NYC. 

  • We offer incredible value & bespoke quality in our custom suit | shirt & clothing, with deals on luxury fabrics and discounts to students. Our affordable custom suit price ranges $995 to $1,295, custom shirt $145 to $225 with delivery in 3 weeks. 

  • About Us | Custom Suit Finesse

    La Rukico bespoke custom tailor NYC is an authority on classic & luxury custom suit, custom menswear & womenswear.  We are known for bespoke craftsmanship & incredible value on luxury fabrics for all custom suit | custom shirt and other items of clothing.

  • Led by owner and tailoring maestro Mr. Kelly, his tremendous background & unique access to industry figures enables La Rukico to employ best bespoke custom tailor & apprentices in NYC.  Our deep ties with leading European Cloth Mills enables us to offer incredible deals on designer fabrics.  Custom suit fabrics from The House of Dormeuil, Loro Piana or Ermenegildo Zegna have varied designs and fabric options to cover all occasions and styles - weddings, business or casual wear.  

    If you are looking for an affordable custom suit | custom shirt | womenswear | menswear in NYC, made using premium fabrics with bespoke craftsmanship, please give us a call.

  • Awards & Google Reviews for La Rukico | Bespoke Tailor

    Awards CBS & City Search, Featured in Fortune Magazine

    We’ve been rated best bespoke custom tailor NYC by both City Search and CBS Local for consecutive years, a noteworthy testament to our quality and craftsmanship.  Our high loyalty rate with our clients stems from lifelong relationships, they are our brand ambassadors and customers for life.

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    La Rukico Tailors Rating : 4.7 (101 Google Reviews)


    I came to this tailor with an unusual request, I'm getting married in October, and I wanted to make a vest from my mother's wedding dress. Having gone to three other tailors, I was not finding a team willing to take this on: until I came here. Not only were they willing to take on the request, but they were extremely professional and kind throughout the entire process. They had excellent communication skills. They met the timeline expectations, and all-around hosted a memorable experience. I would highly recommend this team for any of your custom clothing needs; I will be a lifelong customer to this amazing shop. Thank you for making my wedding day touching and sentimental.

    Reviewer: Jesse Moore Perrin

    Review Rating: 5.0

    Review Date: Nov 2016




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  • La Rukico custom tailors - New Summer Collection from The House of Dormeuil!

    La Rukico custom tailor is now offering Dormeuil's Spring Summer 2017 collection for custom suits in NYC.  The new Summer collection is known for its breathtaking new designs and bold colors.

    Summary of the New Summer Collection:

    1. Dormeuil's D Philosophy brand for Summer is a brand new collection and runs concurrently with the Fall Winter existing one.  Dormeuil’s relentless focus on innovative luxury fabrics for jacketings combined with a stunningly fashionable edge sums up D philosophy brand.

    2. Dormeuil's Iconik® fancy nano with striking new colors and designs replaces the old Spring 15 well known Aquaplan bunch. Ikonic collection is woven in England,  and has a little stretch to add comfort and comes with a modern matte finish.  The contemporary fabric boasts qualities of stain resistant, water repellent, lightweight and fine.

    3. Dormeuil's Distinxion box is a new collection featuring Super 170’s + silk as well as 100% Super 170’s

    La Rukico is currently offering a recycling promotion for the benefit of humane society. We are offering a $250 credit for each new custom suit offer if you donate your old suit.  The $250 credit will be applied to a custom suit made from Dormeuil's summer 2017 collection.

  • Comparing cost of custom suit with an off the rack suit

    How much does a custom suit cost and how to compare cost with an off the rack suit?

    Made to measure bespoke "custom" suits typically will start north of $1000. There are some things you should consider – the master tailor, the experience of the company and reviews. You should also look into the construction method if it is fused canvas or half canvas or full canvas and your fabric selection. A custom bespoke suit which is tailored to your body specifications is timeless and will last decades. In contrast, yes, you can pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for an off the shelf suit but you will not have a luxury fit and the suit itself will start falling apart because it’s not made from a single canvas, the sewing techniques are industrial and will not pay attention to small details and in most cases we see lining sagging in about an year’s time. If you take these items into consideration, you get a better return on investment with a bespoke custom suit.

    How to learn more about Custom Suit, custom shirts and custom jackets or sports coats?

    Come visit your local custom tailor shop. La Rukico is located in Manhattan and you can request an appointment and meet with Kelly who will show you some luxurious fabrics, their construction methodology and some finished garments to inspire confidence. Be forewarned, once you take the leap in a custom suit or custom shirt, it becomes an addiction and you will never be able to go back to off the rack clothing again :)

  • What is the difference between made to measure and bespoke custom suit?

    What distinction is between made to measure custom suit and bespoke?

    The bespoke suit is both art and science, made with a fresh pattern based on over 30 different types of client’s measurements.  A made to measure suit is usually with a pre-existing pattern which is made to fit the client’s measurements. There can be variances in a made to measure custom suit which will all depend on your individual tailor

    What is a custom suit?

    custom suit currently means either a made to measure or a bespoke, though both these terms can be used interchangeably.  La Rukico bespoke custom suit starts from $995 with individualized patterns and over 30+ measurements and an extensive collection of Dormeuil and other leading European cloth mill brands to choose your custom suit fabric.

    How Much Does a Custom Suit Cost?

    The overall cost of custom suit is made up of two main components – fabric and the craftsmanship.  The craftsmanship labor can vary between a run off mill made to measure suiting or a much more involved made to measure custom suit with options to personalize and a fully bespoke measurement process with individual patterns.  You get what you pay for maxim is somewhat correct, but there is a range of options for custom suit depending on your budget.  A typical bespoke custom suit at La Rukico starts at $995 with options to further personalize ranging from choice of designer buttons, inner lining etc.

    What are the key things to consider in a custom suit?

    You should know who is taking the measurements – is this as master bespoke tailor who will also cut, sew and fit?  Measurements are the most important foundation of a custom suit other than fabric and craftsmanship and if you get this wrong, everything falls apart.  Ask the custom suit maker about how long they have been in business, if they have a trained staff led by a master tailor and check their reviews if you do not have a referral.

    La Rukico bespoke tailors have been in tailoring business for over 45 years. We are handful of local tailor shops in Manhattan with a master bespoke tailor taking your custom suit measurements and doing the cutting from single canvas and an extensive fabric selection from Dormeuil, Loro Piana & ermenegildo zegna offered at special price.

  • A Top Coat | Overcoat style built around you - Loro Piana collection at La Rukico Tailors

    Made to measure is an experience and it starts with a quintessential meeting, between you and your tailor, laying the beginning foundation of a bespoke custom top coat or a custom suit built around you.

    When it comes to made to measure, we at La Rukico custom have a different philosophy, by personalizing top express each element of a man's or women personal style when designing your custom made top coat or custom suit.  The expressions may come from the button hole to the collar, the slope, inner lining, the stitching built from your unique pattern, the fabric.  The final product is an ultimate expression of your style, built around each moment of your life from a relaxing weekend getaway, a working week or that formal event.  All bodies are different from head to toe, made to measure is contoured around you and is yours, for life.

    This month of Oct 2017, We are offering a free custom top coat made from Ermenegildo Zegna cashmere collection to help you get ready for winter in a style. The Custom Top coat is free with purchase of 3 bespoke custom suits – our custom suit special this month comes with fabric from Dormeuil’s Amadeus collection, and is priced at $1095 (regular $1695). 

    For the Top coat, everything starts with the lovely cashmere blend fabric from Ermenegildo Zegna, who since 1910 have been making the most beautiful fabrics in the world from vicuna to cashmere, silk to trofeo wool. 

    From our first fitting to final adjustment in 21 days, Made to Measure is an experience and you. Come visit us La Rukico custom tailors in our Manhattan store to discover our work and hands creating the finest made to measure custom top coat & custom suits in NYC

  • Pocket Squares Historical Treatise: The origin of the pocket square was first noted in Antiquity, used as a white linen handkerchief by the Greeks and Egyptians. In the 14th century, The French noblemen would use it to mask odors…tsk tsk :). The widespread acceptance of the pocket square happened in Western Europe in 18th century. The initial placement of pocket square was actually in trouser pocket but that changed as 2 piece suits became the norm in 19th century.  Come the 20th century, pocket squares cemented their place as a bona fide fashion accessory, embellishing the custom suit with contrasting colors and designs.  Pocket squares are making a comeback with the return of Dandy styling but with a modern, offbeat contemporary image.  Pocket squares now have evolved into a wealth of fabrics, colors, patterns choices made of silk, linen cotton or wool to provide striking contrast options in augmenting your custom suit. Some tips on how to wear pocket squares? 1. With a light-coloured suit, choose dark shade or bright colors and conversely, with a dark suit, a light-colored pocket square will provide a good contrast.  2. Be bold, be creative and have fun with fabrics, folds and colors! 3. Never wear a matching tie and pocket square Write to us on how you wear your pocket square

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  • What is Different between off the Rack, Made to Measure and Bespoke Suits and which is a better buy?

    You have three options when you are buying a suit, i.e. you can choose an off the rack suit, a made to measure custom suit or a bespoke custom suit. And of course, price will be an important plan in influencing your decision.

    Let’s go through major differences between these 3 options to give you a perspective on best possible choice which aligns with your budget

    Off the rack suit

    This is a suit most of us buy because of its price and accessibility. The price will vary between branded and non-branded versions and the quality of materials used. These suits are predetermined in size and style to fit most men but not all, and are made by machines. Majority off the rack suits inner lining is fused with heat or glued, and in this case will lack support and structure. You can alter an off the rack suit specially sleeves and length to make them come close to your body measurements.

    Made to measure custom suit

    Made to measure suits can have carried levels of personalization and vary from tailor to tailor. One key difference between made to measure suit and bespoke suit is lack of fabric options used in suit production. While made to measure suit is usually made by hand, it can also be machine made and usually the Fabrics are of lesser quality than in bespoke suits, but better than off the rack suits. Made to measure suits fit better than off the rack suits since they are made to your measurements and are more expensive than off the rack suits.

    At La Rukico custom bespoke, our made to measure and bespoke is same with unprecedented levels of personalization, tremendous choice in luxury fabrics from world’s best cloth mills and hand stitched clothes from unique patterns – all of this at an incredible price value.

    Bespoke suit

    This experience begins with a meeting with your tailor.  Suits are all hand stitched, by experienced craftsmen tailors, with an elaborate measurements and fitting process to make the custom suit fit like a glove. 

    At La Rukico custom tailors, our made to measure is the same as bespoke. All made to measure | bespoke suits are shaped according to your body and our tailors will work with you to hide any imperfections. As an example, nearly everyone has one shoulder lower than the other and all this is expertly taken care of so that you have a perfect silhouette. The fabric materials matter a lot and we offer a range of fabric choices from world renowned European cloth mills of ‘The house of Dormeuil’, ‘Ermengildo Zegna’, ‘Sherry & Holland’, 'Loro Piana', to match the fabric and custom measurements to your body style and occasion. All bespoke | made to measure suits are made from full canvas for a better drape and fit with choices for pockets, buttons, inner lining and 30 plus measurements covering all body contours. Bespoke suits can easily be altered with time. If you for example have gained weight or lost weight, the added material hidden inside jacket can be unstitched to fit to your new size. This feature makes the bespoke suit last you a lifetime.

    In all, made to measure | bespoke custom suit is more expensive than an off the rack suit in the short term. In the longer run, a made to measure suit | bespoke suit will last you a lifetime and give you the most pleasure because of it impeccable fit and style. An off the rack suit will fall apart after few years of use and you will need to weigh in on short term rice benefit versus a longer term value benefit and your happiness. Remember, once you go bespoke | made to measure, you will never buy an off the rack suit a

  • It is British, It is eccentric and it is Thomas Mason

    Thomas Mason Custom shirt fabrics at La Rukico Custom Tailors, only the best

    Double twisted fabrics, the finest of yarns from extra long Egyptian cotton characterize Thomas Mason dress shirts.

    History: Founded in 1776 by entrepreneur Thomas Mason, the brand has been synonymous for elegance and quality which befitted English shirting tradition.

    Custom shirt fabrics from Thomas Mason became the exclusive fabric for British royal family in the 1930’s. The brand gained prominence not only for its aristocratic resonance, but also for its durability as specially designed Thomas Mason shit fabrics were used by Royal Air Force pilots during WWI

    Acquired by an old Italian powerhouse “The Albini family of Bergamy, Italy” in 1992, the brand was reinvented with contemporary and colorful double twisted fabrics, using the exceptional Giza 45 and 87 Egyptian cotton with linens coming from Normandy.

    The Albini family sources its Egyptian cottons from the Nile Delta, best suited for extra long staple cottons and is vertically integrated, allowing Thomas mason fabrics to maintain their enduring quality attribute.  As the owner of Albini group proudly acclaims, we use the best of Egyptian cotton which in incredibly difficult to spin, weave and finish but when it all comes together, the result is simply outstanding. 

  • Merino Wool, Nature's beautiful Treasure, Warming Generations

    Merino Wool, Nature's Beautiful Treasures, Warming Generations.

    The Merino breed of sheep produces the finest quality wool, The species evolved centuries back and was known to the Phoenicians, who traded in fleeces, and the Greeks, who made it widespread in the Mediterranean area. Merino sheep were introduced into Spain by the Moors in the 8th century. It was a hand over gloves perfect fit for the environment, and the local people cherished the animals. The wool from the sheep attracted the attention of the Spanish aristocracy.  As the sheep represented perennial income, the Spanish Royals took possession of all the flocks and made it unlawful for the sheep to be sold. Between the fourteenth century, King Alfonso of Spain initiated the first laws for the animals and by end of the 18th  century, any attempt to export sheep faced the death penalty. Christopher Columbus on his second voyage for the Indies in 1493, took a cargo of precious Merino fleeces for trading.   Pairs of Merino sheep came to be known as the “gift of kings” and were used to seal alliances and agreements in Europe. The Saxons were the first to rear the sheep intensively and develop different breeds, with the aim of improving the wool quality. The breed became more widespread internationally once there were no such set of draconian laws. In 1773, on occasion of his second voyage to New [...]

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