How to care for your bespoke suit.

Your bespoke suits from La Rukico are made from some of the finest fabrics in the world that are known to last a lifetime without any issues. However, for your suit to look better for longer period of time, they do require certain amount of care and maintenance. Taking proper care of your bespoke suit ensures that it lasts longer and looks better for longer period of time. Proper care not only means how you clean your bepoke suit but also how you hang it and keep it. 

How to hang your bespoke suit.

When you are not wearing your custom suit, we recommend you hang your bespoke suit on the wooden hanger provided with the suit. This would ensure that the shoulder pads of the suit rest in proper position and no not get skewed. The wooden hanger are found to be excellent moisture absorbing agents. They prevent the suit from accumulating any odours. Emptying the suit pockets when not in use further helps in not developing any creases around pocket areas. 

Also, its advisable to fold the pants neatly and hang them with the suit. Avoiding creases while folding is the best way to find your suit great condition when you want to wear it.

bespoke suit

Also, if you are hanging your bespoke suit with other clothing in the cupboard, we’d recommend keeping some space between your suit and other clothing. This would prevent the suit from creasing while taking out other clothes and also from accumulating any odours from other clothing. 

How to brush your bespoke suit

Brushing your suit every time you want to use it helps remove dust and moisture from your bespoke suit. It prolongs the life of your suit and make it looks like new every time you wear it. 

We recommend using a soft brush made of animal hairs or synthetic fibres. If possible, do not use the brush you use for cleaning your bespoke suit for any other purposes.

For proper brushing of your bespoke suit, unbutton the suit jacket and hang the suit on the wooden hanger provided with the suit. Brush the lapes, neck, collars and the entire jacket in downward motion. You may want to use a lint roller to remove excess lint on your bespoke suit. 

Keeping your bespoke suit dust free would reduce the need for getting it dry-cleaned.

Removing creases from your bespoke suit

With prolonged usage, your bespoke suit fabric tends to develop some crease or get wrinkles. The easiest way to do away with wrinkles on your suit fabric is by steaming your suit. 

Try using a hand held fabric steamer which generally helps remove all the wrinkles from your suit fabric. Steam evenly in one direction and ensure you do not steam a particular part of fabric for a longer duration.  

Sometimes just hanging your bespoke suit in your bathroom where you take a steamy shower would help reduce the wrinkles on your suit. Followed by brushing and your suit would be as good as new.

Dry cleaning your bespoke suit

No matter how you take care of your bespoke suit your suit would need dry cleaning at some point in time. Dry cleaning is one of the worst enemy of your bespoke suit. Dry cleaners use harsh chemicals which are are effective in cleaning your suit fabric. However such chemicals also detrimental to the fabric of your suit. If your suit has got a certain spot or dust mark, its good to try cleaning it with a wet cloth. If dry cleaning is the only choice, please take your bespoke suit to a dry cleaner who is proficient in cleaning bespoke suits – a dry cleaner who uses natural chemicals which are less harmful to your bespoke suit fabrics. 


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