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In Search of worlds precious wools – Jade Collection

Dormeuil’s Jade collection is our featured Cloth of the Month for November custom suit specials

On the Pacific, the pace of life in the archipelago of New Zealand is set by the flocks of merino sheep, producing world’s finest long filament wool fiber. Dormeuil combines this incredibly fine yarn (spun from Super 160’s fiber) with a gemstone that has been revered for 7,000 years, to create Jade. Jade is woven and finished in England, with passion and pride.

In September 2015, Dominic Dormeuil published his book “In Search of the World’s Precious Wools”, in homage to breeders from the ends of the earth. He spent three years exploring hoofprints of wool-producing animals: musk oxen, the cashmere, pashmina and mohair goats, camels, merino and Shetland sheep, vicuñas and alpacas. This was done world over to select the rarest fibers that Dormeuil then uses to produce exceptional fabrics. He and photojournalist Jean-Baptiste Rabouan travelled through steppes, plains and tundra and crossed high plateaus to pay homage to these “people of wool”, whose herds and traditions are both so extraordinary and so vulnerable from Greenland to New Zealand, and taking in Peru | Ladakh | South Africa | Scotland | Central Asia

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