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10 Steps to Elegance (Applies to All Dad’s)

The 10 commandments for Elegance

1) If wearing a double cuffs shirt, a subtle reveal of cuff links looks great with two top buttons open.

2) For timeless elegance, please choose a matching tie & pocket square.

3) Your shirt sleeve should always extends a centimeter beyond your custom suit or jacket

4) Your shirt should always be lighter than your suit.

5) Always keep last button on your suit jacket open.

6) The hang of your suit is quintessential, and is a hallmark of bespoke craftsmanship.

7) The ideal length of your trousers: Wide trousers should cover the top of the heel of your shoe. A fitted trouser on the other hand, leg should come down onto your shoe by half a centimeter

8) A little attention to detail adds more elegance. Match your socks to the color of your suit or try wearing bold colorful socks to add that extra dimension twist to your outfit.

9) Avoid short socks, ideal is calf-length socks for your custom suit

10) A man is known by his shoes is an old saying. Your shoes provide the last finishing touches to your overall outfit. Avoid wearing black shoes before 6 pm. Shades of brown, purple or aubergine are trendy for daytime.

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