Summer '23 Style Guide

The La Rukico's Style Guide - Where Elegance Meets Individuality

Embrace the Spirit of Summer

Breathable Fabrics and Airy Hues: Embrace the Serenity of White-Adjacent Tones – Think Cream, Light Grey, and Beige. Explore Linen-Blend Variations of Classic Attire, Infusing a Renewed Vibe into Formal Wear.

Summer Dinner

Embrace the Essence of Blue: Draw Inspiration from the Subtle Tones of Twilight, Striking a Harmonious Fusion of Relaxed and Polished Styles.

In the Work Domain

Striking the Perfect Balance: Embrace Shades of Grey and Blue that Exude a Professional Yet Approachable Aura. Opt for Tones that are Neither Too Light nor Too Dark, Creating a Harmonious Blend of Sophistication and Lightheartedness.

Exploring the Vibrant Weekends in the City

Unleash Your Creative Pairings: Embrace a Lively Mix and Match Approach with a Light Color Palette. Experiment with Unique Combinations, Avoiding Color Repetition, to Achieve a Refreshing and Harmonious Contrast that Captivates the Eye.

Vacation Days

Embrace Effortless Style: Select a Palette and Allow Texture and Pattern to Take the Spotlight. Let the Intricate Interplay of Textures and Patterns Add Depth and Visual Interest, Allowing Your Look to Speak for Itself.