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Custom Suits by La Rukico Custom, New York

Custom Tailors Since 1972

At La Rukico Tailors, we have a legacy of making the finest custom suits in NYC. Making perfectly tailored custom suits is an outcome of variety of skills which we have mastered over a period of years. At La Rukico, right from our measurement techniques to fabric selection to tailoring and fitting, we have a set process for making custom tailored suits. The process ensures we manufacture the best custom suits available in NYC at the most affordable prices.

Perfect Fit Guarantee - Custom Suits

Each custom suit crafted at La Rukico custom tailors comes with a perfect fit guarantee. Our process and our experienced custom tailors ensure that your custom suit is crafted to perfection. However, in any case if you are not happy with the fit, we will either make it right or make a new one for you or refund the full amount back to you.

La Rukico Edge – Details make a difference

Custom Suits at La Rukico are different – not because of one reason but many. One of the most important reason is – we measure you right. We have a time tested, proven approach to taking the right measurements. Rather, taking the measurements which will ensure we highlight the best parts of your body and focus less on not so perfect ones.

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La Rukico Custom Suits

For example, a well tailored custom suit can make you look a little taller than you actually are by adjusting your jacket length. OR your custom suit can make you look a little less fat. OR a good custom suit can help you look more muscular by adjusting the bicep measurements and arm hole height.

custom suit it perfect when you are happy wearing it. When you come for the first fitting, the custom suit is still open for minor tweaking. An experienced tailor at our Manhattan tailor shop ensures that you are happy with the fitting of your custom suit. We would be glad to make any minor tweaks necessary to ensure that the custom suit fits you perfectly and you are ‘happy’ with your purchase.

La Rukico Custom Suits

Custom Suits Pricing

La Rukico custom tailors provides premium custom suits at most affordable prices in NYC. Our years of tailoring experience helps us forge great relationships with fabric manufacturers and helps us source premium custom suit fabrics at affordable prices from world famous cloth mills. Pricing of Custom Suits at La Rukico Custom Tailors has always been the most affordable in NYC. Please check out custom suit prices in NYC here

Turn Around Time

We can make a custom suit in as low as 3 weeks time. If you are in a rush, please call us and we can get you the custom suits in the least possible time in NYC


We carry custom suit fabrics from world renowned brands like Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, Thomas Mason, Alumo and more. At La Rukico, you get more than 10 thousand fabrics to choose from. Mr. Kelly, with his more than 45 years of experience can help you with free styling advise and wardrobe assistance.

All in all, if you are looking for a premium custom suit in NYC, at the most affordable prices, a wide range of fabrics to choose from at a convenient Manhattan tailor store location, Call La Rukico Custom Tailors.