What is Different between off the Rack, Made to Measure and Bespoke Suits and which is a better buy?

You have three options when you are buying a suit, i.e. you can choose an off the rack suit, a made to measure suit or a bespoke suit.  And of course, price will be an important plan in influencing your decision.

Let’s go through major differences between these 3 options to give you a perspective on best possible choice which aligns with your budget

Off the rack suit

This is a suit most of us buy because of its price and accessibility.  The price will vary between branded and non-branded versions and the quality of materials used. These suits are predetermined in size and style to fit most men but not all, and are made by machines. Majority off the rack suits inner lining is fused with heat or glued, and in this case will lack support and structure. You can alter an off the rack suit specially sleeves and length to make them come close to your body measurements.

Made to measure suit

Made to measure suits can have carried levels of personalization and vary from tailor to tailor.  One key difference between made to measure suit and bespoke suit is lack of fabric options used in suit production. While made to measure suit is usually made by hand, it can also be machine made and usually the Fabrics are of lesser quality than in bespoke suits, but better than off the rack suits.  Made to measure suits fit better than off the rack suits since they are made to your measurements and are more expensive than off the rack suits.

At La Rukico custom bespoke, our made to measure and bespoke is same with unprecedented levels of personalization, tremendous choice in luxury fabrics from world’s best cloth mills and hand stitched clothes from unique patterns – all of this at an incredible price value.

Bespoke suit

This experience begins with a meeting with your tailor, is the most expensive of all options but will also last you a lifetime. Suits are all hand stitched, by experienced craftsmen tailors, with an elaborate measurements and fitting process to make the custom suit fit like a glove.

At La Rukico custom bespoke, our made to measure is the same as bespoke.  All made to measure | bespoke suits are shaped according to your body and our tailors will work with you to hide any imperfections. As an example, nearly everyone has one shoulder lower than the other and all this is expertly taken care of so that you have a perfect silhouette.  The fabric materials matter a lot and we offer a range of fabric choices from world renowned European cloth mills of ‘The house of Dormeuil’, ‘Ermengildo Zegna’, ‘Sherry & Holland’ to match the fabric and custom measurements to your body style and occasion. All bespoke | made to measure suits are made from full canvas for a better drape and fit with choices for pockets, buttons, inner lining and 30 plus measurements covering all body contours.  Bespoke suits can easily be altered with time.  If you for example have gained weight or lost weight,  the added material hidden inside jacket can be unstitched to fit to your new size.  This feature makes the bespoke suit last you a lifetime.

In all, made to measure | bespoke custom suit is more expensive than an off the rack suit in the short term. In the longer run, a made to measure suit | bespoke suit will last you a lifetime and give you the most pleasure because of it impeccable fit and style.  An off the rack suit will fall apart after few years of use and you will need to weigh in on short term rice benefit versus a longer term value benefit and your happiness.  Remember, once you go bespoke | made to measure, you will never buy an off the rack suit again 🙂

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