Tailor Made Dress Shirts NYC

Tailor Made Dress Shirts NYC

Alumo Premium Custom Tailored Shirts

La Rukico custom tailors boasts of producing some of the finest tailor made dress shirts in NYC. When it comes to custom shirts, we know how to make the best ones which make you look your best, do not wrinkle, defines your personality and fit you perfectly. We have been making tailor made dress shirts in NYC since 1972. Our customers give us a consistent 5 star rating for the dress shirts they receive from us. Fabrics we use for tailor made dress shirts in NYC are the best in the world. We use premium swiss cotton fabrics from world famous brands like Alumo, Thomas Mason (Albini) and more.

With years of experience, we have mastered the measuring and pattern making techniques. Much of the fitting of the tailored made dress shirt lies in the measurements. Our custom tailors in Manhattan has extensive expertise getting the right and extensive measurements for your tailor made dress shirt.

We have not hundreds but thousands of fabrics to choose from, that too from world famous brands. Premium cotton fabrics which fit great and which keep you comfortable throughout the day are the ones you get from us. Our custom tailors assist you with your shirt measurements, fabric selection and even give you style guidance and wardrobe assistance as necessary.

At La Rukico custom tailors, you are in charge of the tailor made dress shirt you receive. You can customize the dress shirt in more ways than you can imagine. You can choose the type of collars you prefer, the type of sleeves you want, the cuffs you want, the buttons you choose for your dress shirt, type of fit for your tailor made shirt and the monogram you want on your custom dress shirt.

To ensure that your dress shirt are comfortable and lasts long, the neck and sleeve openings are pre-shrunk. We also treat the collars to that the collars do not ‘bend-up’ even if you are are not using the dress shirt collar buttons.

Our custom tailors ensure that you get what you’ve selected – a perfect fitting tailor made dress shirt which ‘defines you’. The measurement is a one time process – we keep a record of all your custom dress shirt measurements and your preferred styles. Our fabric collection is all available online and we can even mail you the custom dress shirt fabric guides. You can select your custom shirts from the comfort of your home or can visit our tailor shop in Manhattan.

Our shirt fabric sourcing process is streamlined and with years of experience and relations with fabric mills, we are able to procure the fabrics as a very affordable price. That means, you get premium, perfect fitting tailor made dress shirts in NYC at the most affordable prices in NYC.

For more information on tailor made dress shirts in NYC visit our showroom OR call us on 212-832-0725