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3 ways to Fold your Pocket Square

In this article, we will look at the rich history of pocket squares and show the three most common way to wear your pocket squares.

A quick peek in history: The Greeks and Egyptians used pocket squares during Antiquity as a white linen handkerchief. Onset of 14th century saw the French perfume theirs to ward off ahem ahem unpleasant odors. Major adoption in western Europe happended in 18th century. The initial placement of pocket squares was in trouser pocket and it was not until the advent of two piece custom suits did we see it morph into the jacket pocket. By 20th century, it was a bona fide fashion accessory.

We are seeing the pocket squares come back with a modern upbeat image via the Dandy styling. For a flawless elegance, the pocket square not only has to match to your look but also has to be folded perfectly to suit your style.

Lets talk about the three key ways you can fold them.

1. The classic fold

If you are new to pocket squares, you cannot go wrong with the traditional classic fold which is not too fussy. It is recommended that the pocket square be paired with a firm fabric for this fold, so that it is nice and secure in its place.

Classic Fold

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2. The single-point fold

The single point fold gives a nice formal touch, perfect for weddings and other formal occasions without going over the top. The fabrics best suited for this type of fold are linen and cotton. The pocket square needs to be parallel with your blazer lapel.

Single-Point Pocket Square Fold

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3. The two-point fold

This is much more elaborate and much less formal bordering towards more easy stylish appeal. Linen and cotton fabrics are best suited for this type of fold.

Two – Point Fold

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