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  • Comparing custom suit cost with an off the rack suit?

  • How much does a custom suit cost and how to compare cost with an off the rack suit?

    Made to measure bespoke “custom” suits typically will start north of $1000.  There are some things you should consider – the master tailor, the experience of the company and reviews.  You should also look into the construction method if it is fused canvas or half canvas or full canvas and your fabric selection. A custom bespoke suit which is tailored to your body specifications is timeless and will last decades. In contrast, yes, you can pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for an off the shelf suit but you will not have a luxury fit and the suit itself will start falling apart because it’s not made from a single canvas, the sewing techniques are industrial and will not pay attention to small details and in most cases we see lining sagging in about an year’s time.  If you take these items into consideration, you get a better return on investment with a bespoke custom suit.

    How to learn more about Custom Suit, custom shirts and custom jackets or sports coats?

    Come visit your local custom tailor shop.  La Rukico is located in Manhattan and you can request an appointment and meet with Kelly who will show you some luxurious fabrics, their construction methodology and some finished garments to inspire confidence.  Be forewarned, once you take the leap in a custom suit or custom shirt, it becomes an addiction and you will never be able to go back to off the rack clothing again 🙂