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  • Merino Wool, Nature's Beautiful Treasure, Warming Generations!

    Merino Wool, Nature's Beautiful Treasures, Warming Generations.

    The Merino breed of sheep produces the finest quality wool, The species evolved centuries back and was known to the Phoenicians, who traded in fleeces, and the Greeks, who made it widespread in the Mediterranean area. Merino sheep were introduced into Spain by the Moors in the 8th century. It was a hand over gloves perfect fit for the environment, and the local people cherished the animals. The wool from the sheep attracted the attention of the Spanish aristocracy.  As the sheep represented perennial income, the Spanish Royals took possession of all the flocks and made it unlawful for the sheep to be sold. Between the fourteenth century, King Alfonso of Spain initiated the first laws for the animals and by end of the 18th  century, any attempt to export sheep faced the death penalty. Christopher Columbus on his second voyage for the Indies in 1493, took a cargo of precious Merino fleeces for trading.   Pairs of Merino sheep came to be known as the “gift of kings” and were used to seal alliances and agreements in Europe. The Saxons were the first to rear the sheep intensively and develop different breeds, with the aim of improving the wool quality. The breed became more widespread internationally once there were no such set of draconian laws. In 1773, on occasion of his second voyage to New [...]

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  • It is British, It is eccentric and it is Thomas Mason

  • What is Different between off the Rack, Made to Measure and Bespoke Suits and which is a better buy?

    You have three options when you are buying a suit, i.e. you can choose an off the rack suit, a made to measure suit or a bespoke suit.  And of course, price will be an important plan in influencing your decision. Let’s go through major differences between these 3 options to give you a perspective on best possible choice which aligns with your budget Off the rack suit This is a suit most of us buy because of its price and accessibility.  The price will vary between branded and non-branded versions and the quality of materials used. These suits are predetermined in size and style to fit most men but not all, and are made by machines. Majority off the rack suits inner lining is fused with heat or glued, and in this case will lack support and structure. You can alter an off the rack suit specially sleeves and length to make them come close to your body measurements. Made to measure suit Made to measure suits can have carried levels of personalization and vary from tailor to tailor.  One key difference between made to measure suit and bespoke suit is lack of fabric options used in suit production. While made to measure suit is usually made by hand, it can also be machine made and usually the Fabrics are of lesser quality than in bespoke suits, but better than off the rack suits.  Made to measure suits fit better than off the rack suits since they are made to your [...]

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    Follow these basic care instructions to preserve your custom suit’s longevity. A bespoke custom suit should last you decades  Avoid general wear and tear Brush your custom suit pockets, lapels and collars frequently to remove dirt. A rule of thumb for Stains - blot immediately, do not rub. Any creased garment like a suit will recover well in a humid environment of dampness and warmth.  Your bathroom is ideal or vaporize lightly with water. Allow your custom suit to rest.  As a rule of thumb, wearing same suit or shoes for two days in succession can cause damage to fibers. Always hang your jacket on an appropriate hanger that supports the shoulders to allow the beautiful drape to last decades

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