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For more than 40 years, La Rukico Custom Tailors has offered its clientele the finest handmade custom clothes available in NYC.

Our Custom Clothing Offerings

Over the years, our expertise has grown to cover a wide range of styles. We offer the highest-quality full canvas suits and tuxedos, custom shirting, and elegantly versatile tailored blazers, sports jackets, and pants . Everything a unique and distinguished wardrobe requires, under one roof.

Why La Rukico’s Clothing Is Different

At La Rukico, we understand the critical importance of raw materials, garment design, and fit. We also know how hard it can be to find these essential elements together in an off-the-rack garment. Ever find something that looks great in the shop, only to learn later that it’s cheaply made, or doesn’t match your wardrobe, or just doesn’t fit? You don’t need to feel that disappointment ever again. Because when it comes to your closet, you shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s why La Rukico Tailors exists.

Our custom clothing is different, because it’s made from the finest materials by the best craftsmen. We offer only the highest-quality materials from the world’s most renowned textile manufacturers. Names like Loro Piana, Dormeuil, and Zegna fill our catalogue of over 10,000 fabrics. If that sounds overwhelming, it won’t be when you work alongside our expert consultants.

A Unique & Tailored Process

Tailor makring suit patterns with chalk At our Manhattan showroom, one of our experts will guide you through the selection process. Whether you’re a classic traditionalist or a fashion-forward trendsetter, they can help you pick the best options for your unique style. In a garment, even the most minute details can be customized. La Rukico makes it as easy as sharing your vision.

Next, we’ll take exacting measurements. Because what’s the point of designing a garment, if it doesn’t fit as well as you’ve envisioned? Whatever your size and shape, we’ll find the best way to flatter your proportions.

Then it’s off to our very own production facility in Hong Kong, the tailoring capital of the world. Hong Kong’s tailors are world-renowned for their precision and attention to detail. We employ only the best. True craftsman who sew all of our garments 100% by hand.

That’s what makes La Rukico Tailors different: the finest fabrics in the world, handled by the most-skilled people as possible. These distinctions are matched only by our unfailing attention to your personal style and body. The result is the highest-quality custom clothing available in New York City, a difference you can touch, feel, and see instantly.

What’s Next?

If this all sounds expensive, it isn’t. In fact, we offer full suits that would start at $4,000 elsewhere, for under $1,500. Take a look at our pricing page to learn how La Rukico makes this possible, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Ready for an appointment? Call 212-753-7848 or visit our online form to book your consultation at our Manhattan showroom.

Ready for an Appointment?

Book your consultation at our Manhattan showroom.